Ruff Nanchao Technology officially settled in Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and IoT Lab

On May 15, 2019, the launching ceremony of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and IoT Lab was held in Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island. Guan Xiaojun, the deputy head of Pudong New Area; Ke Ruijie, the senior vice president of Microsoft and the Chairman and CEO of China mainland; Rashmi Misra, the leader of Microsoft global AI department and mixed commercial entity development; and Yuan Tao, secretary of party committee and CEO of Zhangjiang Group participated in the opening ceremony with many other guests.

Ruff Nanchao Technology, as the first batch of selected companies, stood out among more than 300 applicants and became the first AIoT companies to enter Microsoft’s AI and loT Lab. It is reported that a total of 30 companies have settled in the first batch, including Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd., Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yun Cong Technology and many other outstanding enterprises in the field of science and technology.

The Ruff selected project focuses on the face recognition field which including Ruff face recognition intelligent access control terminal Ruff FaceID RAF-G1 and Ruff face recognition module Ruff FaceID RAF-M1, by using Ruff’s underlying technology in loT field and development ability to meet highly integrated AI chips in IoT scenarios; by using the convolutional neural networks for machine vision and speech recognition capabilities to make offline face recognition and edge computing capabilities in low-power scenarios and 0.1 second unlock speed. Besides, the project is providing cloud interface SDK to offer convenience in development and integration for access control and lock manufacturers.

In the future, Ruff will enjoy the multi-faceted support provided by the lab, including hardware facilities, technical guidance, business support, market docking, and innovation and upgrades. RUFF will work with Microsoft to make the technical realization and business landing of face recognition come true in more scenarios such as algorithm analysis and model establishment of cloud artificial intelligence and so on.

We believe that face recognition products by Ruff will be implemented soon to make AloT technoligy easier to apply through supports of Microsoft AI and IoT lab.

Information about Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things Lab:

Directly belongs to the strategic development department of Microsoft headquarter, it is an open research and development cooperation organization, providing local cooperative enterprises with artificial intelligence and IoT product solutions such as “design development, test experiment, prototype production, technical support, architecture optimization, and program construction”. Microsoft hopes that the lab will help developers around the world to collect abundant open resources and platforms to explore their artificial intelligence and IoT projects, helping companies shorten the development cycle, accelerate technological innovation and industrial digital process transformation. According to a report that Shanghai’s artificial intelligence and IoT laboratory of Microsoft’s is ranking the fourth place of the global laboratory.

AI & IoT Lab of Microsoft is committed to creating value for companies in various industries, it accumulated serviced over 200 companies from the world, over half of the companies get technical support from Microsoft AT & loT lab in many projects during different periods. Among the supported companies, some of them have made breakthroughs that include: MARS (Smart Retail), Daimler TSS (Automotive Manufacturing), BAYER (Digital Medical), MERCK (Digital Medical), P&G (Daily Chemicals), OTIS (Transportation System), KOHLER (Smart Home), DUPONT (Chemical), Tetra Pak (Food Packaging), etc.

Decentralized open source blockchain architecture for high efficiency Internet of Things application development

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Decentralized open source blockchain architecture for high efficiency Internet of Things application development

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