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3 min readMar 9, 2021


In the past two weeks, Ruff conducted a satisfaction questionnaire survey of its users. A total of 316 Ruff users took part in the survey. Six major question categories, as shown below, were included in the questionnaire.

RUFF Survey Questionnaire

Few technical benefits

Exchange of old tokens for new ones

Monolithic wallet functions

Disclosure of financial information and circulating, repurchased & destroyed quantities

Lack of We Media operation

Participation of old tokens in staking

Too low Ruff value

Regarding the various questions raised by Ruff users, the Ruff team has adopted the principle of “giving priority to outstanding issues” to formulate specific solutions based on its specific situation. Special personnel have also been designated to follow up with implementation work.

Will to implement them to the end.

As a matter of fact, Ruff has experienced some setbacks in its IoT infrastructure construction and innovation. In terms of project development needs, it is imperative for Ruff to make improvement in respect of technology development, enterprise service, token price and investor relations. At the same time, Ruff also needs to constantly overcome multiple difficulties and contradictions. As an old saying puts it, “devotion is more important than method for solving problems.”. The Ruff team will shoulder its entity responsibility, absorb the views of all parties, and implement solutions in an earnest way.

Other questions:

1. Those early birds who have missed the chance to collect their tokens are advised to scan the QR code below to join the group and solve their problem.

Wechat group barcode 1
Wechat group QR code for Early Birlds users

2. Those users who have missed the token change date and still have not got their old money back are advised to scan the QR code below to join the group and solve their problem.

Wechat group QR code for retro users to exchange mainnet coins

3. Ruff will start a new round of staking in the near future, so that users holding Ruff tokens can get considerable usdt and ruff returns. Before it starts, Ruff will collect the white list of staking in advance. Those on the white list will get extra bonus if they participate in the staking.

4. The private mining pool is operated in a stable non-destructive stacking mode, and Ruff CEO RoyLi is in charge of asset manageemnt. Currently, the pool has a total fund of 413900.865usdt, and fund participants enjoy a stable ARR of over 50%.

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