Ruff Chain Biweekly Report | September 4 — September 18

Ruff Chain has been busy over the last two weeks. The bid name contract has been finalized and the name will be released and auctioned this week. Additionally, the verification module business plan for IoT data transactions has been implemented.

Development Progress

- Bid name contract finalized

- Name release and auction

- Auction information and results collected

- Token modified to integrate with Handler

  • Fix added for storage to implement the hash algorithm

Business Dynamics

- Visited chemical companies and machinery manufacturers to discuss topics such as data traceability, data credibility, and the value that Ruff Chain can offer in these areas. Explored the implementability and feasibility of Ruff Chain business solutions;

- Implemented the business plan for the verification module in the IoT data transaction;

  • Optimized the bill generation plan following IoT data transactions, handled the on-chain record aggregation of data transactions, and guaranteed the credibility of decentralization.

Latest News

1. Slush Shanghai | Ruff Chain Introduces New IoT Blockchain Technology

At Slush Shanghai 2018 (September 7–8), investment institutions, domestic and foreign media, and start-ups from various tech sectors were joined by 15,000+ attendees to discuss topics such as smart cities, future travel, Internet of Things, vehicle networking, blockchain, medical technology, and more.

As a technological innovation project in blockchain IoT, Ruff Chain was invited to participate in the conference. Jing Tian, the co-founder of Ruff, participated in the roundtable discussion “Blockchain Technology’s Rapid Change.” Tian said that changes in blockchain technology are determined by IoT’s business scenarios, and that the distributed storage of data in the IoT is determined by the data itself. As such, the main chains seem identical in the development process, but they differ significantly — including in the selection of consensus algorithms and the TPS requirement criteria — when they are delivered for implementation.

- Ruff Chain’s booth attracted a lot of attention. Attendees from various industries showed great interest in the IoT blockchain space and the business potential for combining these emerging trends.

2. Ruff Draws Crowds at the Taobao Maker Festival

- From September 13–16, the annual Taobao Maker Festival took place in West Lake, Hangzhou. Ruff, as a technology company in the field of IoT, was invited to open the “IoT geek laboratory” in the Science and Technology Hall, enabling attendees to experience the world of IoT and its application for smart lighting.

- The attendees, who ranged from children to senior citizens, were eager to experience being a programmer. Front-end master developers demonstrated how to use IoT to turn lights on and off, leading to excitement among the attendees.

  • Ruff also demonstrated the gesture switch light, allowing the audience to control the switch lights with their hands. In addition to watching the demonstration, the audience also asked when such functionality might be used. Some imaginative developers proposed combining voice control with gestures to help elderly people who live alone turn their lights on and off.

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About Ruff Chain

Ruff Chain is an underlying public chain that combines Internet of Things and blockchain. Ruff is committed to the deep integration of Internet of Things and blockchain, enabling the fast uplink of value data for traditional customers and solving the security, information isolation, and consistency issues affecting IoT terminal data.

Currently, “RUFF”, the token of Ruff Chain, is trading on, OTCBTC,, Coinegg, DigFinex, FEX, 7EBIT, YEX, SABTC,, CEX, FCoin, and JOYSO exchanges. More than 30,000 community members participate in Chinese, English, Korean, and other official channels, and there are over 15,000 developers working on the Ruff ecosystem today.

Decentralized open source blockchain architecture for high efficiency Internet of Things application development

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Ruff Chain

Ruff Chain

Decentralized open source blockchain architecture for high efficiency Internet of Things application development

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