Ruff Chain Biweekly Report | November 23-December 7

Hello, community! The biweekly of Ruff chain is still on schedule. Although the weather turned cold, the team of Ruff Chain have been working hard to maintain the enthusiasm for development. On the technical side, the development process of Ruff VM will continue to be updated simultaneously; in terms of business, it is currently in the first phase of the core components of R&D transactions, and at the same time, further contacts with customers and continue to seek cooperation opportunities; in terms of latest news, Roy has participated in several marketing activities, including online AMA of the public chain technology alliance. The following is the complete weekly report:

Ruff chain(Shepherd):

move dependencies from git submodule to npm dependencies

Update for load and run Dapp

Enabled ruff vm on ruff chain

Add setCode and getCode support in both node and wallet

Update super node address

Update submodule

Add build and start node guide

Ruff VM:

Add transfer DApp demo

Fix multi param error when call hostAPI

Add transfer App Demo

  1. Business progress:

Ruff officially launched the IoT blockchain solution, the Ruff M2M automated transaction settlement solution on the chain. The solution connects the customer and supplier’s tank equipment to the IoT and monitors the remaining amount of the storage tank in real time through the Ruff intelligent gateway, and simultaneously collects data in real time.

According to the smart contract on the chain, when the customer’s storage tank inventory is lower than the warning line, the gateway will automatically initiate the purchase order. After the supplier confirms the order, the chain smart contract will automatically settle the transaction and the transaction order will be stored in the blockchain with digtdigital. The encrypted form is stored in the blockchain.

2. - Phase 1 of the core components of R&D transactions: complete demand analysis and technical research

3. - Further communication with logistics platform customers and tank factory customers

1. Online AMA with public chain technology alliance

On November 29, 2018, Roy participated in the online AMA of the reddit platform organized by the Public Chain Technology Alliance and answered questions and confusions of domestic and foreign netizens with alliance partners. Roy enthusiastically answered many questions from netizens during this online AMA event and received positive feedback. In the question “How do you think that most of the public chain projects are collapsing now, where is the problem? Roy admits that the survival and development of public chain tokens requires application support, but the application ecosystem takes time. It is like the Android system was first launched in 2003, but we were able to download the first Android application in 2009.

2. 2018 “Enterprise Digital Transformation Empowered New Retail Industry forum”

On December 5, 2018, the “2018 Innovation Drives the Future Digital World” event co-sponsored by Microsoft Cloud Mobile Technology Incubation Program and Zhang Jiangyun’s Mobile Application Incubation Base was successfully launched at Shanghai Zhangjiang International Innovation Port. Ruff Chain founder Roy Li was invited to participate in the panel session, with the theme of “New Scene Application under the Combination of Object, Intelligence and Chain Technology”.

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Ruff Chain is an underlying public chain that combines Internet of Things and blockchain. Ruff is committed to the deep integration of Internet of Things and blockchain, enabling the fast uplink of value data for traditional customers and solving the security, information isolation, and consistency issues affecting IoT terminal data.

Currently, “RUFF”, the token of Ruff Chain, is trading on, OTCBTC,, Coinegg, DigFinex, FEX, 7EBIT, YEX, SABTC,, CEX, FCoin, and JOYSO exchanges. More than 30,000 community members participate in Chinese, English, Korean, and other official channels, and there are over 15,000 developers working on the Ruff ecosystem today.

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