Ruff Chain Biweekly Report| March 5–March 22

Ruff Chain
Apr 11, 2021


In the past two weeks, RuffChain focused its work on mobile mining development and test and daily node maintenance. The following is a complete biweekly report on the period from March 5 to March 22.

I. Weekly Technical Report

1. Daily Maintenance of RuffChain Nodes

2. Technical Connectivity Between RuffChain and Huobi Ecochain Decentralized Exchange BXH

3. Start and Test of RuffChain Mining Project

4. RuffChain Repo Data Updates

5. RuffChain Foundation to Release Information on RuffChain Repo Soon

II. Community Activities

1. RuffChain Makes Airdrops to Users Participating in Lock Mining and Private Domain Mining Users

2. RuffChain Comes Online on BXH Exchange and Begins Mobile Mining Community Publicity at 14:00 PM March 24

3. RuffChain Completes Token Refund Information Collection for Early Bird Users

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