Ruff Chain Biweekly Report | August 21- September 3

Dear community,
We are pleased to present our latest biweekly progress report. For the past two weeks, Ruff Chain has focused on R&D and business scenario design. Further details can be found below!

 Development progress
- Created prototypes of smart contracts;
- Standardized token operations of the smart contract handler;
- Fixed GenesisOption validation issues;
- Added contract token operation unit test

 Business dynamics
- Visited customer sites in the fields of IoT and supply chain finance to continue to explore the application of Ruff Chain business scenarios;
- Discussed the business implementation plan based on analysis of IoT data transactions including binding and identification of application and chain accounts, billing schemes, and transaction uplink access schemes.

 Upcoming events
I. SLUSH Shanghai
- After receiving final confirmation, Ruff Chain will be on stage at the SLUSH Shanghai start-up booth showcasing the latest in IoT blockchain technology with over 100 other outstanding technology startups;
- At the blockchain roadshow stage, Ruff Chain has been invited to deliver an opening speech. In the subsequent roundtable, Ruff Chain will discuss blockchain entrepreneurship and the impact on traditional industries with industry experts;
Basic event information:
1 / Date and Time: September 7–8, 2018, 09:00–17:00
2 / Address: Shanghai Jiading Automobile Exhibition Center
3 / Registration: Login to “Hudongxing” and search for “slush” to find the registration information.

II. The 17th National Seminar on Wood-based Panels Industry Development
- From September 8 to 10, 2018, the 17th National Seminar on Wood-based Panels Industry Development will be held in Shanghai. Ruff will be present Ruff Plant Insight (Ruff PI) and its applications in the field of industrial IoT, intelligent hardware gateways, and industrial blockchain technology solutions. It is reported that dozens of wood-based panel factories have launched Ruff PI and will deploy further solutions based customer need and data value.
- Basic event information:
1 / Date: September 8–10, 2018
2 / Address: Star River Hotel, Minhang District, Shanghai (№3799, Duhui Road, Minhang District)
III. The 3rd Sino-German Artificial Intelligence Conference
- Ruff has been invited to the conference to discuss the integration of industrial IoT and blockchain. Ruff will present on how to achieve smart manufacturing in China through Ruff Industrial IoT solutions, and how to use blockchain technology to derive more business value and models at the data layer.
- Basic event information:
1 / Date: September 15–16, 2018
2 / Address: Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province
3 / Venue: Session A, Sino-German Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing Industry Project Cooperation Docking
4 / Display room: Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality Showroom

 Latest news
I. NXP RT1050 chip board equipped with Ruff OS
- At the 2018 NXP Semiconductors Greater China MICR Partner Technology Exchange Conference, Ruff OS was successfully demonstrated on NXP’s RT1050 board, providing developers with rich and efficient development options for building an IoT ecosystem.
- About NXP Semiconductors:
NXP Semiconductors (Nasdaq: NXPI) is committed to enabling a smarter, safer, and more convenient way of life through advanced secure connectivity and infrastructure solutions. As the world leader in secure connectivity for embedded applications, NXP continues to drive innovation in automotive connectivity, end-to-end security and privacy, and intelligent hardware. With more than 60 years of expertise, NXP operates in over 30 countries supporting 30,000 staff. Their annual revenue in 2017 was $9.26 billion.

 Community building
I. The English version of the IoT application development video tutorial has launched on YouTube
- With the increasing popularity of Ruff overseas, Ruff Chain has uploaded a Ruff IoT development course on YouTube which includes a total of five chapters and 15 video lessons:

1.1 Introduction to Ruff
1.2 JavaScript Basics for Ruff
1.3 Components of the Ruff Development Platform
2.1 Basic Development Process
2.2 Extra Peripherals
2.3 Integration Example: Smart LED Light
3.1 Communication with Net Modules
3.2 Communication over the MQTT Protocol
3.3 Simple Example: Send a command from the PC to turn on the light
4.1 Modern IoT Application Architecture and Advantages
4.2 Methods to integrate Internet Services
4.3 Simple Example: Turn on the LED light via Voice Recognition
5.1 DMA Models
5.2 Introduction to GPIO interfaces
5.3 Simple Example: Driven Development of an Infrared Proximity Sensor

Course website: Please search for “Ruff” on the YouTube homepage to view all development tutorial videos

II. Community links
- Website
- Official Blog
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Telegram

About Ruff Chain
As an underlying public chain integrating the Internet of Things with blockchain, Ruff Chain is dedicated to realizing deep integration of these technologies and the fast chaining of value data in order to address security, data isolation, and consistency issues affecting IoT terminals.

The token of Ruff Chain — “RUFF”, has been listed on 13 exchanges including, OTCBTC,, Coinegg, DigFinex, FEX, 7EBIT, YEX, SABTC,, CEX, FCoin, and JOYSO. Moreover, Ruff Chain has jointly established a Ruff ecosystem with more than 30,000 international community members and over 15,000 developers.

Decentralized open source blockchain architecture for high efficiency Internet of Things application development