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2 min readNov 13, 2020

In the past two weeks, RuffChain’s work has focused on routine maintenance of RuffChain, assisting customers in locating routine technical issues and evaluating operation and maintenance tool optimization solutions. The following is a complete bi-weekly report:

1. Technology Weekly

1. Solve the problem of block production by the court;

2. RuffChain daily maintenance

3. Assist customers in locating routine technical issues

4. Evaluation of optimization plan for operation and maintenance tools

Recently, a customer’s routine has a problem that does not continue to produce blocks. The log shows that the block xxxxx hash does not match. The follow-up solution to this problem is currently progressing as follows:

•Miner reporter upgrade, that is, optimize the synchronization strategy of miner block;

• The client uses the routine operation and maintenance tool to trim the incorrect block;

• Resynchronize the client to avoid this problem;

At present, the client uses the upstream operation and maintenance tool to trim incorrect blocks and resynchronization, both of which have certain requirements for the immediacy of operation and maintenance. After the user finds that the block is not generated, it can be manually repaired to solve it, from the problem to the user When a problem is discovered, there may be a certain time delay. In the follow-up, we will automatically detect the operation problem and trigger the operation and maintenance and synchronization in time to reduce the interruption and downtime. At the same time, a new version will be released. The above mentioned block is normal, and the problem of deposit and withdrawal may be closed.

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