[ Blockbuster released ] RuffChain main net has officially started, wallet will be online on October 18th.

According to RuffChain official news, after the test run on July 1th, RuffChain main net has started on October 16th, RuffChain wallet will be online on October 18th.

By that time , Ruff ERC20 token will be replaced by RuffChain main net token. All the tokens from early bird program will start mapping,users can check your token on block chain browsers.

As for the tokens still in exchanges, we will negotiate with HUOBI global , Gate as soon as possible,during that time, users shall not operate.

In the main time , the users who kept the token in cold wallet and did not participate in early bird program,we highly recommend to put your tokens into exchanges.

· Early bird program has ended

Besides, The early bird program has ended on 12:00 pm ,October 15th, 2019, the interests has stopped as well. There are 813,521,909.18511079888 RUFF ERC20 tokens participate the program by the end of 4:00 pm ,October 15th, 2019. The users will be able to see their tokens and the interests on October 16th as the soonest. Please check the tokens when you received ,if there is any problem,feel free to contact us within 5 work-day. Further more, RuffChain wallet has been online, users can use their keys to login.

· Main net product feature

As a IoT+ blockchain platform, RuffChain is devoted to solve the problem of the interact and paid interact operation of different devices. By combine the architecture of IoT and blockchain which make the dot-to-dot network of virtual world and consensus mechanism extend to the off-line and meet the demand of information fluid and means of production.

Product Feature

ú support transaction

ú Internally installed creating general Token method, support transaction

ú Internally installed creating smart Token method, support transaction,lock-up,air-drop

ú support voting

ú Providing standard RPC API, support developing and operating DApp

ú support trusted interoperation and paid interoperation on IoT equipment chain.

· Performance:the system can create 1 block every 10 seconds. There is only one authorized block at any time , at fastest irreversible 10s,TPS 50

· Matching tools: block chain browser 、Shepherd CLI

·RuffChain main net block chain platform

Data level

· data structure: Merkle tree, block chain charts

· data module: based on accounts

· database:sql(sqlite3)

· database signing encryption algorithm:, elliptic curve cryptography (ECC)

· Account privileges.: private key-> public key ->address account system.contract account inherit created user account number and balance

Net level

· TCP-based P2P

· N peer nodes and 21 miner nodes at most compound P2P distributed network.


Adapting DPoS-BFT consensus

the system can create 1 block every 10 seconds. There is only one authorized block at any time , at fastest irreversible 10s

Each generator creates 1 block, 21 miner nodes at most

If the generators miss one block and there is no block in 12 hours, the node will be prohibit by the system,however, after 48 hours, it will be added to waiting list.

Adopting DPOS pipelines mixed with real time BFT, Once two thirds of the developers confirm a block in DPOS or BFT way , the block will be regarded irreversible. At this pattern, the irreversible consensus will be done in less than 10 seconds.

Voting rule: you can gain voting rights by freeze your RUFF, 1RUFF for 1 voting right.

× every 10 minutes is a significant voting period.

× Within this period multiple votes can happen( one vote every 60 seconds), only the last one can come into effect

× There are 7 nodes for 1 vote at most , each node can gain all of the votes.

× When freeze RUFF ,the votes will be automatically added to current node.

× You can unfreeze your RUFF after 3 days. Once it is unfreeze, the relevant votes will be voluntary withdrawal

· inspiration:

transaction cost mechanism

When conduct transaction, senders who set Gas fee can gain most cost of commission .

× The higher Gas fee senders set, the more chance it being packaged.

× If the starters set up Gasfee< actual cost of Gasfee, the trade fails, the Gasfee will belong to miners.

× The starters set up Gasfee ≥ actual cost Gasfee

× If the deal is generate ( transaction, create Token,voting), all the Gasfee will belong to miners.

× If it start with contract deploy and contract running transaction, the left Gasfee will be return to the starters, as original cost of RUFF as restitution.

Transaction expenses rules

× -system transaction( Token transaction, creating Token, creating smart Token , Token transferring) Gasfee:0.1RUFF

× contract deploy Gasfee:0.2RUFF+(18✖️100✖️204✖node)/1e9 RUFF

× contract operating Gasfee:0.1RUFF

× (original fee )+API( Call charges)

× Transaction bcTransfer: 0.1RUFF


× Creating data base bcDBCreate: 0.1RUFF

× Data base revise operation bcDBSet: 0.0012RUFF

× * number of bytes

× Data base inner query bcDBGet: 0.0012RUFF

Miners inspiration: every BP node packages each block can gain fixed reward +sum block transaction Gas fee as rewards.

× fixed reward : every block 12RUFF

× Sum gas fee in block

contract level:

programming language: JavaScrip

sandboxed environment:RuffVM

Smart Contract programming module

× General modules (BigNumber.JS、asert.JS)

× Supporting Transfer method、DBCreate method、DBSet method、DBGet method


Create new address

Inquire address, address remaining balance

Inquire block ,transaction, account nonce

Inquire generate node ,candidate node, P2P net node

Create general token,smart token( support released locked position )

Token Transaction

freeze, unfreeze,vote.

Smart token transaction

Smart token airdrop

Deploy contract

Inquire contract

Run contract

Monitoring node information

·Link address

block chain browser:


Sherpherd CLI


ú IoT+block chain demo

× controlling node client-end:


× Real right transaction contract:


× Sherpherd CLI:


Specific operating instructions:


How to submit bug?:https://github.com/ruffchain/ChainNode/issues

How to get feedback feature?


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